Hi!! I am Hendri, a product designer from Indonesia

As an insatiably curious individual contributor and leader of small teams who worked on startup environment for nearly a decade. My insatiable curiosity drives me to explore new ideas and find innovative solutions that elevate user experiences and drive business outcomes.


I’ve had the privilege of working with Careem (UBER), Gojek, OnlinePajak, Cashbac, Uangku (acquired by Traveloka), and Alfacart. Through my work, I’ve help company secured IDR 1.8B from merchant wallet every month, help the company increased their user acquisition by 50% , improving company’s design processes and build their design system.


I’ve also helped transitioning designers and actively speak in local communities. As a believer in design’s power to make the world more inclusive, sustainable, and inspiring, I’m proud to have contributed to some of local design communities.

Years of experience
Years in design leadership
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My Design Principle

Start with the problem, not the solution


When facing with a challenge I usually go deep into the problem so i can understand the core problem we’re trying to solve. Knowing all of the constraints related to project or people also help me to make good decisions for creating the best experience.

What is good for the customer is good for business


As designers, our goal is to become advocate for our customers, also understand business goals and metrics.

Have a mindset of validate to learn, not to justify


It’s easy to become over-confident in our own assumptions. A lot of iteration and testing it with the right audience can help bring clarity to the work.

Know all your constrains to ship


To create impactful designs, it’s important to identify constraints early, involve people in the process, and work tirelessly to overcome obstacles so that your design can ultimately reach the customer.

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